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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC,                313

tinues on the left in a sweep behind the town,
and ends in the sea.

The plain, which is thus enclosed like a solid
half-moon by the hills and sea, exceeds my powers
of description. It is as minutely and as richly
cultivated as the Brompton nurseries, and inter-
spersed with all sorts of large timber trees. There
are some habitations, barracks, &c., and one or
two groves of tall trees that remind me of Chis-
wick and Ham.

On the left the eye ranges over the town, and
beyond it the immense forest which encircles
the gulf, and is lost in the horizon. To the
right it commands the shipping, and to the north
the mountains which form the Bocas.

I am told that the deer, wild fowl, parrots
and monkeys will come about the house when all
is quiet. The deer are small and very elegant.
I have already seen a great variety of beautiful
birds, one this morning, very small, of the bright-
est black and white plumage imaginable. In the
town the streets are wide and paved.

August ist.

I have removed to the village of St.   Juan,
four miles from the Port of Spain, eastward, close